Personal Project challenges students on a public presentation

Their ages range from 15 and 16, they have just started their High School Years and are immediately introduced to a Project to be developed in five months, which comprehends a few specific phases to be fulfilled. The first challenge comes right at the beginning when they find out they are free to choose the focus of their researches and the product/outcome they will produce. What comes next is a list with the assessment criteria against which their work will be externally moderated and, ultimately, evaluated.  It can be wrapped up in four distinct stages: Investigation, Planning, Taking Action and Reflection. The Harvard academic standards must be followed to the smallest details and their final piece of work must contain a maximum of 3,500 words from the Introduction to the Conclusion.  In addition, an Academic Honesty form, Bibliographic sources, a Cover Page and evidences of the final product must also be submitted. All those components are uploaded on a certain day and their results are only published in February of the following year. Back to the 11th of July, the school chooses to build a formal academic environment with a panel of teachers (who have previously read and analyzed the students essays) to hear their defenses and pinpoint whatever needs further development. The students, then, gain around a month to revise their works before sending their final documents. This year, their deadline is August 30th. Let`s all wish them luck on that day.