Annually, the SIS Swiss International School Group honours the three best extended essays from graduating students. The written assignments originate in the context of the final examination corresponding to the International Baccalaureate (IB) exam, Matura or Abitur. The topics of the extended essays differ greatly. However, their common denominator is their presentation of an independent, autonomous piece of reflection and research, captured in a 4.000 word paper.

This year, students in the final year of SIS schools located in Rio de Janeiro, Basel, Zürich, Friedrichshafen, Regensburg, Ingolstadt and Stuttgart-Fellbach could take part, but only the best-graded assignment per location was submitted for the SIS Best Essay Award. Thus, six essays were submitted.

The external mark is pivotal for a top ranking. To complement this, the student’s behaviour and engagement at their school is taken into consideration.

The winner of the SIS Best Essay Award 2019 is Victoria Borsotto Machado Monteiro from ESB Rio de Janeiro. In her paper entitled “Nem sempre o Romantismo, mas sempre o Romantismo” she compared two books, “Nutshell” by Ian McEwan and “Epitaph of a Small Winner” by Machado de Assis, and studied how the notion of romanticism is deconstructed by the authors.  

Victoria was a valued SIS student throughout her years at ESB Rio de Janeiro and displayed excellent citizenship characteristics that made her a very popular and well liked student with both the younger year groups and her peers. She organised and coordinated the Model United Nations forum to discuss immigration movements and terrorism. Moreover, she acted as student council president and fought for significant improvements. Victoria wins a week’s stay in Switzerland or Germany organised by one of our schools located there.

The second place goes to Matthias Reim from SIS Stuttgart-Fellbach. His paper holds the title “Using a Technique for a Greater Cause?: The Moral Justification of Rettungsfolter” and analysises one specific case of torture from the viewpoint of utilitarian as well as deontological ethics. 

Maxim Vovk from SIS Zürich secured the third place with his essay on “The effect of a double-blind placebo-controlled 2 weeks ß-alanine supplementation of daily dosage of 4g on the performance of the last 40m of 100m sprint of 16-19-year-old Homo sapiens males.” In his essay, he investigates the influence of ß-alanine supplement on enhanced performance in a 100m sprint.   

All three essays display an in-depth study into the respective topic that exceeds expectations. We, at the SIS Group, are proud of the students’ commitment and passion that culminated in these excellent papers. We would like to express our special acknowledgment to the three students as well as to their teachers, who supported the students in their extensive research process. Thank you!

Andrea Furgler
Group CEO