Price List 2019

Education is a valuable resource.

Escola Suíço-Brasileira by Swiss International School (ESB) Rio de Janeiro is a private educational institution that is financed solely from school fees and does not receive subsidies. We offer high-quality education as a service.


Annual fee BRL 43.005,00
13 installments BRL   3.308,08

Primary School

Grade 1  
Annual fee BRL 49.773,00
13 installments BRL   3.828,69
Grade 2 to 5  
Annual fee BRL 56.541,00
13 installments BRL   4.349,31

Secondary School

Annual fee BRL 68.970,00
13 installments BRL   5.305,38


Annual fee BRL 73.951,00
13 installments

BRL   5.688,54

* For students entering after the beginning of the school year, the annual fee will be calculated based on the number of school days remaining. In this case, the installments will be calculated by the number of subsequent months until the end of the year.

Sibling Reduction

Families receive a sibling discount in annual fees for each further child enrolled at SIS:

  • 5 % for the second child
  • 10 % for the third child
  • 15 % for the fourth child

After School Care

Find here our prices (PDF).

Values referring to the 2019 school year. Subject to modifications.