Price List

Education is a valuable resource.

Escola Suíço-Brasileira by Swiss International School (ESB) Rio de Janeiro is a private educational institution that is financed solely from school fees and does not receive subsidies. We offer high-quality education as a service.


Annual fee BRL 38.528,38
13 installments BRL   2.963,72

Primary School

Grade 1  
Annual fee BRL 44.591,85
13 installments BRL   3.430,14
Grade 2 to 5  
Annual fee BRL 50.655,33
13 installments BRL   3.896,56

Secondary School

Annual fee BRL 61.790,49
13 installments BRL   4.753,11


Annual fee BRL 66.253,49
13 installments

BRL   5.096,42

Sibling Reduction

Families receive a sibling discount in annual fees for each further child enrolled at SIS:

  • 5 % for the second child
  • 10 % for the third child
  • 15 % for the fourth child

After School Care

Find here our prices (PDF).

As per 1 February 2017. Subject to modifications and amendments.