Parcel Swap

Every year the SIS Swiss International School promotes a special event that aims to integrate all the 17 schools of the group. Throughout the past years we had The Math Day, the School photo Album, among other activities that targeted to bring the students together, narrow their geographical distances and encourage cultural meaningful exchanges.

This year the students are involved in an intercountry activity called Parcel Swap.  It consists of a special box that should represent the students themselves and their cultures.

The box has specific dimensions and the students have to give it a special thought to decide what items they will place in the box.  A class, either in Germany or in Switzerland, will receive this box and send theirs in return. The classes are paired up according to their school levels.
This initiative created a great atmosphere within the groups. The students are challenged to introduce themselves and let others know who they are by just looking at the items they deposit in the box. They want to be visible, understood and welcomed using a unique communication tool.  They won’t chat with each other, exchange WhatsApp contacts or Instagram accounts.

While deciding whether to include this or that object they all stop to think what message they are sending through it.  “It’s surprising to see the choices we are making”, said one of the students. The truth is that they are embarking in a kind of self-discovery journey which is both amusing and unexpected.
They are eager to receive their boxes and see how much they will learn about those students.

They are even trying to guess what they (their pair class) will probably include in their boxes thinking about their country, city and age.  They figure that some objects won’t be that different from the ones they are sending.  They believe that the world now fits in a small screen and, thanks to that, tastes and cultures mingle together finding, in the end, an intersection zone where people the same age recognize each other wherever they are on the globe.

Let’s see how true it is.

Soraia Dale-Harris, MYP Coordinator