Language Saturday

On August 21st, ESB Rio de Janeiro celebrated the different languages which are spoken and taught at our school: English, French, German, and Portuguese. ESB Rio de Janeiro is the only school of the SIS Group to have an English, a French, and a German track. This means that from Preschool, children learn through Portuguese and the language of their track.

Each year, our school promotes a week to showcase one of the three school tracks. This year, with the purpose of uniting our students, and respecting the COVID restrictions, the school decided to celebrate all four languages in a half-day Saturday class.

For this special day, children were invited to participate in a variety of activities, all of which reverenced our four languages. Also, both staff and students were invited to get creative and dress up as a tribute to the countries that speak these languages. Preparation for the Saturday involved the creation of flags, posters, postcards – among others – to create an immersive context all around our school. 

On the Saturday, a very colourful school celebrated our four languages through music, dance, craftsmanship, reading, and traditional games and activities inside and outside of the classrooms. Children from Preschool made the famous London bus, the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower. They crafted Brazilian sun visors and traditional German hats and heard the classic The Little Prince. Each track had the chance to celebrate something that is reverenced in their language.

From grades 1 to 5, students created comic books, developed character profiles of famous literary characters (such as Peter Pan), researched German-speaking countries, reflected on and shared their favourite verbs, took part in a Spelling Bee competition, played with tongue twisters and much more.
During recess, the Music and Physical Education teachers conducted a poll of the favourite languages for music and guided dances in English, French, and German – sometimes playing songs in more than one language. The result? A fun playlist and lots of different rhythms. For snack time, we enjoyed croissants, brownies, and apple juice. Yummy!

The following Monday, children reported having so much fun – and were asking for more. A wonderfully colourful and cheerful day to celebrate what makes us unique, but also what unites us and makes our school special.

Giulia Schneider, PYP Coordinator Assistant