Dear Parents,

Not long ago, a controversy circulated the internet: Are people from past generations “cringes” who do not see the world with the same eyes as the current generation Z? The truth is that we are talking about a very different generation, which was born in a super technological and hyperconnected world. In this world, time and relationships are different. There is a heightened sense of urgency and human interactions are marked by multiplicity.

Our school’s mission addresses the importance of forming global citizens. When we state this, we do not want to develop only technical skills so that our students can communicate, clearly and assertively, in more than one language. We want to form citizens who are aware of their feelings and can self-regulate. We want to contribute to the education of critical and creative individuals, who work collaboratively even without having met in person with the other members of their team. The global citizen not only respects or accepts cultures different from his own, he actively looks for different opinions and views, as he does not only want to hear opinions that confirm his ideas, but those that challenge him to think differently. They are independent lifelong learners, capable of self-motivating to keep on developing new skills throughout their lives. They understand the risk of polarizing discussions, as they appreciate the ambiguity and complexity of the world. They embrace and quickly adapt to change in such a natural way that we, who were not born into this globalized world, sometimes cannot keep up.

However, it is up to us, parents and educators, to think about how best to prepare them for an increasingly technological, virtual, connected and uncertain future. It is us, the past generations, who are on a mission to develop in our children and teenagers the necessary skills so that they can produce and act in a conscious and positive way in this new world.

Our goal, with this Newsletter, is to share with the community some of the strategies and projects carried out in our daily school life, where we seek to develop the skills of global citizens. In this issue you will find texts that focus on the development of diverse skills, such as social, communication and self-management.

Enjoy the reading.

Rachel Guanabara, Principal