Dear Families,

The end of the school year is always an opportunity to reflect on what happened and plan the next steps. Aiming at continuous advancement and improvements in our pedagogical project, we are always re-evaluating our procedures.

The year 2021 presented some challenges, mainly due to the pandemic caused by Covid-19, but we are happy that, despite all the restrictions and biosafety rules, we had a year of in-person classes, with students and teachers actively involved in the processes of research and investigation. There were several victories, but without a doubt the biggest one was seeing our students walking through the buildings.

Although some activities and events had to be cancelled or adapted, the School was able to, once again, open its doors to parents, during graduation events for classes 1F, 9F and 3M. The Junina and Swiss parties were adapted and focused only on students. But they didn't lose their spark or joy. Our traditional Grill Party took place, and it was exciting to see the joy of our 3F students sharing this time together. It has not yet been possible to spend the night in our pyjama party, but the students enjoyed the barbecue and the games.

We look forward to the next year in an optimistic way and we are excited about the Day School concept. Starting in February 2022, we will have afternoon classes for all classes, so we are renovating our cafeterias and modernizing our kitchens to provide healthier, more nutritious, and more flavourful meals to our entire community.

We will also complete the renovation of the classrooms on the second floor of the Araújo Unit. Now all students will be able to enjoy a more modern room with a fully thought-out design focused on the teaching and learning process.

We know that the pandemic is not completely over and that new challenges may arise. But we ended the 2021 school year with a feeling of accomplishment and a lot of optimism, certain that our community, with a lot of work and partnership, can overcome all challenges in favour of a quality education for our students.

Thank you very much and enjoy reading.

Rachel Guanabara, Principal