Personal Project

The 8th and the 9th of July were very special for us at ESB Rio de Janeiro.  The 10th graders had the chance to share their Personal Projects with a panel of teachers responsible for pointing out the remaining loose strings, allowing students the opportunity to improve their projects before they are submitted for external evaluation in September.

This Project, in year 5 of the Middle Years Programme, defines a moment when the students bring together their academic and social skills, without which their individual goals could not be accomplished.

It is a four-year construction that culminates in a comprehensive piece of work that leaves nothing out, not even the rigorous evaluation criteria against which the projects are judged.

This year we had several highly challenging projects. One of them aimed to understand the Israel and Palestine conflict from both points of view in order to create a literary short story based on real facts where the author had to remain neutral in relation to the conflict.  And that was not it. The student decided to publish this story and sell her books to donate the money to an NGO that acts in favour of war refugees. 

               Personal Project product: book

Many would say that this would be more than enough to guarantee a maximum score for this student.  However, in order to fulfil all the requirements, this student had to provide evidence of the entire process that enabled her to achieve her goal and reflect upon it once her work was done. 

First mission accomplished, it’s now time to revisit the reports, refine them and submit them for uploading.  We wait expectantly for the official results which come out In February 2020.
Nonetheless, those two days, will remain a very special moment for all of us here.