Lights, Camera, Action!

Holding professional, semi-professional and the most modern and advanced mobile equipment, the 9th grade students walked around both school premises with the scrutinizing glare that only the first explorers must have experienced.

The lenses provided the students a new way to look at things that, despite being part of their routine, were not noticed.  Is it a natural thing that we take for granted whatever is at our fingertips?  According to the students, that was exactly what happened.  We see but we don’t look.  We touch but we don’t feel.  We hear but we don’t listen.  That was the lesson learned.

However, as serious as it may sound, it was also, and perhaps, most definitely, an enjoyable time. Learning is a creative process and we learn more when we have the chance to do things, rather than listen or read about them.

It’s an amazing experience to know that, on that same day, SIS students in Brazil, Germany and Switzerland were working on the same project, by the same rules, and that the outcome will bring all the SIS schools together as one in a photo album that we will be cherished as part of our history.