Science and Carpentry Fair

The end of the school year was just around the corner, and yet, there was still plenty of time to get the students and their works visible.

In a given morning, students from the 6th to the 9th grades got organized and ran their science and carpentry fair. Parents, friends and students had the chance to learn from other students.

There were different experiments on display and the students walked their public throughout the entire lab processes. All the experiments started with a hypothesis which were verified, analysed and finally proved right or wrong. The results were registered and the fair was brilliantly put together.

Students at Science Fair                         Student at Science Fair

At the same time, in the auditorium, the student´s woodworking fair took place. That was when the material processes and design solutions came together. All the pieces had been built in their carpentry classes at the end of the exhibition they were taken home to be finally put in use. There were photo frames, remote control boxes, board games, to name a few.

Carpentry Fair                         projects at the carpentry fair

We are very proud of all the work the students put on and the great results they showed to all of us.

Soraia Dale-Harris
MYP Coordinator