Virtual Museum Visits

Visits to museums and fieldtrips are unique and powerful tools for supporting classroom learning. When used well they can stimulate curiosity and deepen understanding in ways which are meaningful, relevant, and very fun. They can be used to support all areas of the curriculum and are often remembered for a lifetime. At SIS Brasilia the Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped our classes from these visits. Virtual visits have been held to continue stimulating curiosity and inquiry outside the classrooms. Students from Grade 2 were challenged to visit virtual art museums and try to replicate the artworks with objects they had at home. Grade 3 students visited the virtual Museum of Mathematics in New York (MOMATH) and were able to discover how math is all around us and how fun it really can be. While, students from Grade 4 visited the virtual Museum of Immigration of São Paulo and could “walk” along the corridors of the museum and learn more about how people from all over the world immigrated to Brazil. In a time when we cannot go outside, we´ve found a new way of travelling and learning without leaving home.

Sibele Bergman, English teacher