School Assembly

Every week at SIS Brasília, all classes from Kindergarten to Grade 5 come together to celebrate their achievements with a school assembly. A schedule is organised so that this occurs on a different day each week and 2 classes are selected to present either in Portuguese or English. With this schedule, parents are invited to attend, sharing in this proud moment and keeping connected with what their children are learning. 

This year we have had an array of outstanding presentations that really help to boost students’ confidence as well as speaking and presentation skills. These presentations are usually a culminating event towards the end of a unit of inquiry, where students have the opportunity to communicate and express what they have learned in various ways. We have had drama performances, songs and dance, music presentations, as well as feedback of research and findings based on their inquiries.

At the end of the assembly, teachers award certificates of achievement to celebrate students display of the IB learner profile. Then we conclude the assembly by singing happy birthday to the birthday people of that week. Students really look forward to this moment to shine and it is an important community building event for our school.

Hayley Waghorn, PYP Coordinator