PYP Drama Presentation

This year, at SIS Brasilia, drama was incorporated as a compulsory subject within the Primary Years Programme (PYP). The arts are important areas of learning in the PYP. PYP teachers value imagination, creativity and original thinking. This is especially evident through the arts. The creative disciplines of visual arts, music and drama are closely connected to each other, as well as having strong links to other disciplines. The creative process is seen as a driving force in learning through inquiry. A strong emphasis is put on creativity, collaboration and risk taking. Its inclusive, practical and challenging nature creates a dynamic and inspiring learning environment and equips students with interactive and communication skills that will enrich every aspect of their lives.

This collaboration was seen in all end of the year performances at our school this year, when the paradidactic story books were turned into drama plays. The students incorporated music, dance and singing to their drama performances. Music teachers worked closely with the classroom teacher as well as the visual arts teacher that led the students into creating all sets and costumes necessary for the performances. Great performances were shown, where collaboration was visible among both teachers and students.

Sibeli Bergman, English Teacher