Grade 1 Drama Presentation

Grade 1 is an important year of significant development as the students transition from kindergarten to primary school. The drama presentation at the end of the year is an event that highlights and celebrates their achievements. Through drama, students develop their thinking and communication skills by exploring how we express ourselves physically and vocally. Throughout the year students are exposed to a variety of dramatic forms and given the opportunities to participate in the process of creating and responding to drama performances. For their last unit of inquiry, the students collaborate in the creation of their end of year drama performance. As drama is built into the curriculum, it is used as a tool to explore the theme Who We Are and connected to the story “Giraffes Can´t Dance”. The theme of this story is about persistence and to find your strengths in order to succeed. Students are involved in selecting the songs for the performance by finding the music and dance that fits them the best, then they choose their characters and write their lines based on the dance they are going to present. In this way, students are participating in the creative process and exploring their personal interests, making for a unique drama performance year after year.

Hayley Waghorn, PYP Coordinator