Dear SIS Brasília community,

School’s main goal has always been to enable the students to describe the world, to name its phenomena and processes and from there, equip the student to intervene and make a difference. For many years, everything seemed to be quite “tidy” in the traditional classroom: while the teacher taught unquestionable truths, the student “learned” by reproducing this knowledge and applying it in the world. As in fairy tales, everyone was expected to live happily ever after. Over the years, the “happy endings” have given way to a life of uncertainty, driven by the ever changing and fast paced world. We are facing new paradigms, particularly in education.

Schools need to reinvent themselves and the teachers needs to adjust their ideas. “Teaching a lesson in front of a classroom might represent something ready or finished. However, streaming meaningless content tires and frustrates children. Keeping students sitting quietly and just listening does not lead to learning, but rather to “pretend learning,” which in turn favours disinterest and failure. It is necessary to innovate, in order to change the position of the student as a passive spectator of the process.

Meaningful learning means facing new challenges about what is already known, rebuilding knowledge, broadening it and making it more solid. The firmer and more consistent a concept is, the more likely it is to serve as a basis for new learning. The more we know, the more we can learn.

SIS Brasilia is inspired to bring deeper learning to our students, an approach that enables them to relate new content with previous learning and their personal experiences. Our teachers have a daily mission to promote a methodology of teaching that arouses in them the desire to learn, taking classes in which, our students are the main actors and become eternal learners. Our students argue, reflect, develop ideas, and solve real-world problems. In this newsletter I am proud to share with you a few of the many challenges and new concepts our students have embraced this past semester.

Anderson Vidal, Principal