End of Year Presentations with a Difference

Every year, each class prepares for their end of year presentation to showcase what they have learned through language and performing arts. This is usually an in-person event with the students’ families invited to attend. However, this year with social distancing measures, it was not possible to take place in the same way. So once again, as a school, we have used our innovation and creativity to make it happen in a new way.

This year, the event took place online where all families were still able to watch and the remote students were able to participate together with their class. However, the preparation and the form of the presentation was modified to suit this new modality. Instead of a live song and/or performance, teachers collaborated and worked hard to transform it into a pre-recorded video and movie presentation. This opened the way for new creative channels to be explored and used to express the chosen theme.

In this way the event was enjoyed by all and special moments were shared. Even with the distance, we all felt the same sense of belonging and community as we come to the end of a challenging but surprisingly very successful year.

                                 Student performing virtually.                                             Student holding a book and showing it to the audience at home.

Hayley Waghorn, PYP Coordinator