Our admission process ensures a structured and easy enrolment for your child.

As we welcome students from Brazil and other countries, our admission process is open throughout the school year. It includes four steps. If you have general questions, please contact us. We are here to assist you. 

Graphic displaying the admission process in Brazil

Admission Offices

SIS Brasília: / +55 (61) 3443-4145
ESB Rio de Janeiro: / +55 (21) 3389-2089

(1) Info Session

Come and join us for our monthly info session. Find out how our carefully developed Educational Concept is applied and take a tour of the campus. 

To participate, please complete the form at the bottom of this page or contact our admission offices.

(2) Submitting the Admission Form

To proceed with the admission process, please submit the admission form. The form will be made available by the school at the end of the Info Session or you can download it below.

Admission Form SIS Brasília
Admission Form ESB Rio de Janeiro

Submitting the admission form is a mandatory step.

(3) Experience Day or Assessment

After you have submitted the admission form, please schedule a date for our experience day or assessment.

  • experience day: for students from kindergarten to grade 1: a morning dedicated to activities proposed by the school’s educational staff
  • assessment test: for students applying for any grade between grade 2 to grade 9

We give feedback to all families about the experience day and assessment by email and we are also available for individual interviews.

(4) Invitation for Enrolment

After having completed the admission process you will receive the invitation for enrolment via email. The invitation will be made according to the number of vacancies, priorities and criteria published in the admission policy.

The date of completion of the admission process is one of the priority criteria. For further details on the number of available vacancies and criteria of enrolment, please see our admission policies.

ESB Rio de Janeiro 2022 Admission Policy
SIS Brasília 2022 Admission Policy

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